HINATA Matcha Facepacks

Great power of Japanese green tea brightening and softening your skin!

Japanese green tea is famous for its good impact on health. Our face pack is formulated with famous Japanese green tea, it is good to moisturize your skin, relax your skin, and reduce heat and stress on your skin after a day of outside activities.


Our Organic Matcha Face Pack, the best gift for your skin after a tiring day!

Safety of our customers is our first priority! Our Match Face Packs are packed into separate pouch for 1 time use. The face pack is protected by aluminium package which enable us to reduce all unnecessary preservative ingredients.

The sweet smell along with green tea aroma just make you feel good after your hard-working day. The green tea extract helps to keep your skin moist and healthy.

The scrub, which is of course made from tea leave with Konjac Mannan, helps to wash your dead cells off your face and helps make your face bright and soft.



The infamous Uji Green Tea

Kyoto Uji tea is the best green tea brand in Japan. We choose organic tea to be the raw material for our face packs.



Made in Japan

Our product is made in factories in Japan. We believe in Japan quality, and we want to bring this world’s top class quality to all our customers no matter where you are.

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