What is special about "HINATA Facial Treatment Cleansing Serum"?

A good cleanser serves three purposes: it cleanses your skin, it keeps your skin balance, and it is gentle to your skin. HINATA Facial Treatment Cleansing Serum washes your skin off dirt, makeup and debris that your skin collected during the day. It is formulated with Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide and Cica to keep your skin balance, and it is made of 5 types of ceramide to keep your skin moisturized after use.

Point 1: cleanse your skin 

It is very important to keep your skin clean. Our skin gets a lot of dirts, pollution..etc. everyday. Therefore, it is very cleaning our skin is very crucial factor to keep our skin healthy and beautiful. HINATA Facial Treatment Cleansing Serum gets rid of all bacteria stuck on your skin after the whole day activities. Our cleanser is gel-based, the texture is very gentle for the skin, and it can remove a lot of dirts on the skin effectively.

Point 2: Improve barrier with Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide and Cica

Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide helps to keep balance of good bacteria on skin. It also helps to prevent skin damage from external factors such as air pollution...etc.

Centella asiatica is known to be widely used as medicine around the world, especially in Asia. This ingredient when used in skincare product helps improve production of Type-I collagen which leads to healthier skin. Cantella Asiatica also helps to heal skin irritation due to external damages.

Point 3: Keep your skin moisturised with 5 types of Ceramide 

 Our product is formulated with 5 types of ceramides to help moisturize your skin well after cleansing. It prevent your skin from being dehydrated. 

Note: this product is however not designed to be moisturizer for skin. Please use moisturizer products (cream or serum ...etc.) after using this product.


What is the difference between HINATA Facial Treatment Cleansing Serum and HINATA Rich Essence Cleansing Foam?

HINATA Facial Treatment Cleansing Serum is very effective to remove make-up and oil on your skin while HINATA Rich Essence Cleansing Foam is very effective in cleansing all dirt hiding deep inside pores. Therefore, we recommend our customer to use both product as one set so that skin can be perfectly cleansed.

We recommend our customer to use our products as followed.

  1. At night: please use HINATA Facial Treatment Cleansing Serum first to remove all makeup and oil on your face. Please refer to "How To Use". After using cleansing serum, please use HINATA Rich Essence Cleansing Foam to remove more dirt hiding deep inside the pores. Please apply night skincare products after that.
  2. In the morning: customer can use only either HINATA Rich Essence Cleansing Foam (if your skin is oily skin type) or HINATA Facial Treatment Cleansing Serum (if your skin is dry skin type) to clean face before applying skincare (serum, cream...etc.) along with sunscreen and makeup.


Skincare Routine: Step 1 - Skin Cleansing