HINATA UV Whitening Milk

A perfect milky texture that protects your skin from damage from Sunlight and prevent your skin from black spot.


Airy Light UV Milk SPF50/PA+++

An airy-light texture sunscreen with SPF50/PA+++ protection that prevents skin surface damage from UVA and UVB.

Hinata UV Whitening Milk (Hinata Sunscreen), has two vital functions: protecting skin from intense UV light and acting as a healthy makeup base that does not clog pores. Formulated with SPF50 and PA+++, this face -care staple provides a strong defence against both UVA and UVB rays. Significantly lowering the risk of premature skin aging. It is the prefect fusion of sunscreen, skincare, and makeup, suitable for all skin type and skin tones.


Benefits of Hinata UV Whitening Milk

Men and women of all ages should protect their skin from UV radiation.

Extra benefits include:

  • Block UVA and UVB Light
  • Slow skin aging
  • Hydrating and brightening skin
  • Lock-in makeup


Made in Japan

Our product is made in factories in Japan. We believe in Japan quality, and we want to bring this world’s top class quality to all our customers no matter where you are.


Skincare Routine: Step 5 - Skin Protection