HINATA Whitening Repair Cream

This cream can be used in multiple ways.


The product can be used as normal cream after you apply lotion and serum. You can adjust the amount of the cream with season, e.g. you use more in dry winter and less in humid summer.


HINATA Whitening Repair Cream can also be used as all-in-one cream as it is a gel-based cream which can permeate quickly into the skin. You can apply more cream at the area that is easily dried such as around the eyes or mouth.

Sleeping Mask

We recommend you to use this cream as sleeping mask when you are exposed to long hour of sunlight or when you spent long hour outdoor. This cream will help to moisturize your skin, the whitening active ingredient will go deep into your skin to prevent spots. Another healing active ingredient will help to prevent your skin from acne and skin rashes, which will keep your skin healthy.

If you use cream as sleeping mask, we recommend that you use it more amount (about the size of longan fruit)

Recommended Usage

  • Use this cream with HINATA Premium Stem Cell Serum will give your skin more moisture and firmness.
  • Apply more cream for better result at the areas that are easily dried such as around mouth and around eyes.
  • Gently massage and press the skin after applying will help the cream to be absorbed deeply into skin.